A dream

A pot of beans

In a place of peace

Far from all problems

That’s what everybody waits.

For you

Hello!! This is a new animation made by me for you. I hope it will please you.Life is both painful and wonderful


Mobiles phones are the daily compagnions of old and young in villages and towns. They favor fast communication and allow to gain much time.
They would be of no use if their owners didn’t subscribe to a network. As said before, many people buy mobiles phones nowadays. And this means many subscriptions to telecommunication companies. In addition they will continually buy telecommunication cards in order to use different services. In these ways, mobiles phones are good business for telecommunication companies.
Among the services that mobiles phones provides is SMS (Short Message Service). Someone can transmit discreetly an information to another person through SMS. But the problem with SMS is that it does not enable communication in real time (most of the time it is more easier to communicate fastly by a call than by SMS). Moreover, SMS does not show the real feelings of the writer. So: « no real time » and « no real feelings », with SMS.
This state (drawbacks and advantages) can be transposed to mobiles phones. Why? It is the situation of the container and the contents. How can mobiles phones be F1 and in the same time F2? Answer in a next article.

F1= Friend and F2= Foe.

premier article

je commence mes activités avec une image qui m’a plu !!

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